The Thurmond Lake Sail and Power Squadron promotes the American’s Boating Course (ABC3) from the USPS.  The course material includes four main chapters, which cover boat education., i.e. general infomation about boats and personal watercraft and their maintance, boating safety and how to make you boating safer and more comfortable, and boating laws and regulations, i.e. the laws and regulations you must follow.  In short, this is a course everyone needs to take.

This course is offered twice annually and will next be offered later this year.

Classes for the ABC3 course will be on 24, 27 and 31 July and 3 August. 

Addktionally, there are advanced courses.  These include Seamanship, basic boating knowledge for every prudent skipper, USPS operations and traditions, piloting, coastal navigations techniques using GPS and dead reckoning procedures. This course is geared to Thurmond lake and is Course is required to hold a position on the Bridge. 

Additionally, Advanced Piloting, advanced techniques including electronic navigation, tide and current prediction, and, Junior Navigation, off shore navigation, i.e. celestial navigation using the Sun.

Advanced Piloting will next be offered on 20 and 25 September.

 4,11,18, and 23 October and 1,8, 15 November.

The GPS class will be next offered later this year

Finally, Navigation, advanced celestial navigation techniques using other celestial bodies will be offered later – date to be determined.