Cooperative Charting

Damaged Buoy

“Cooperative Charting” refers to an agreement between the United States Power Squadrons and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), an agency of the US Department of Commerce. The agreement was first executed in 1963 and revised in January 1971 and again in 1983. The current agreement is “…to produce accurate and up-to-date nautical and aeronautical charts and related products and to preserve geodetic control stations in the National Geodetic Reference System (NGRS) through the use of well-trained volunteer observers.”

Tree Hazard

The program is aimed at providing NOS (National Ocean Service, a NOAA division) with pertinent information about current conditions in waters charted by NOAA, especially those which are frequented by recreational boaters. NOAA is limited in providing their own hydrographic information because of budgetary constraints imposed by Congress in recent years. More cooperative charting (CoCh) information can be found at the members section of America’s Boating Club

Lost Buoy

Thurmond Lake is a US Army Corp of Engineers’ (USACE) lake, so we & the USCG Auxiliary inspect the buoys each spring, prior to the opening of “boating season,” to determine their conditions and locations. This is done as early as possible in order to give USACE time to correct discrepancies. Additional inspections may also be performed in the fall or as needed by the corps. A report is provided to the USACE after each inspection. We also report any hazards found on the Lake, issues with buoys between inspection cycles, etc. throughout the year. Contact Dave Kelley at:, Cooperative Charting Chairperson for additional information & to report hazards/buoy issues.